40 (for one more day)

Today I am 40 (tomorrow I'm not).  I have to thank my friend, Nicky, for reminding me that my days of being 40 were running low last month.  Especially since I've promised her a photoshoot for the past 10 years and I finally consented that 40 would be the year.  Ladies, are you putting off photos of yourself (or of your family) until next year, until you lose weight, until...?  I highly recommend that you stop looking for reasons not to take a picture, and JUST GO FOR IT!  You'll never be as young as you are today, and being thinner is totally overrated.  Just find a photographer who knows about posing and light, hire a phenomenal hair & makeup artist (I use Shawn Brooks Beauty), and get in front of the camera!  It's worth it, I promise! I know for a fact that you will be surprised by how amazing you really are, and wonder why on earth you didn't take a photo of just you years ago?  So drop all of your excuses and your self doubt and take a picture!  Because YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

xoxo Heidi