Prom 2014 | {Buda Portrait Photographer}

Fabulous.  That’s all I have to say about these Senior Prom photos.  That dress!!!  And the fact that his socks coordinated perfectly?  Kids have it so much more together than we did.  I just wish I had professional photos like these of my husband and me before my Senior Prom.  I would have been in heaven!  I think they beat a few hurried snapshots in the living room, don’t you?

In the back of my mind, the song “John Deere Green” is playing…



Jake our charcoal lab is one!

Our big boy turned one today!  And in these parts, I thought it only fitting that we take his birthday picture in the bluebonnets.  Don’t worry, Jake is very secure in his masculinity so he didn’t mind a bit.  ;)   He actually really enjoyed romping around off leash quite a bit.

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A Dixie Dude Ranch Spring Break | Smiles and Miles of Texas

For Spring Break this year we decided a Texas adventure was in order.  The Dixie Dude Ranch in Bandera was the perfect spot for our unplugged family vacation.  No cell phones, no TV, no “distractions”… exactly the philosophy we needed while soaking in a few days of hill country views, new friends, and memories to last a life time.  I could literally write a 30 minute segment for the travel channel outlining all the reasons why you should visit Dixie Dude, but instead I’ll let the photos do the talking.  If you have been craving an escape from traffic, noise, and stress, the Dude Ranch experience is just the trick!  My girls have already uttered the words “next year”.  And honestly, I was ready to go back the day after we got home.  Wide open spaces are in my blood.

Bandera, Texas